Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Fool
by Pat Nordman
"The fool says in his heart, `There is no God.'"
(Psalm 14:1)

Just think if there were no God! Divine Providence would not exist at all.

No God! Then all God said is fiction and we would have no foundation. We would have no hope, no belief, and no expectations. What a terrible world this would be without a God who keeps the heavens in order and the earth replenished.

No God! Then no prayer, for why pray? Who would we pray to or for, and what reasons would we have, if we haven't a more excellent Person to take our petitions to and know they would be granted?

No God! There would be no forgiveness of our sins; what a load to carry around all the time. If we would not be forgiven, then we would not know to forgive others. Can we begin to imagine the chaos and spiritual carnage?

No God! Then there would be no comfort and oh! how could we survive without nurture from someone who would understand because He has suffered it all first? We would have to carry around broken hearts until we died, and then our hope would be buried.

No God! There would be no reaching for a higher wisdom than our own; man would be the final arbitrator and administrator of decisions. What a depressing and degrading thought.

No God! Then there would be no Son who died for us and who intercedes for us. There would be no Sermon on the Mount to give us a standard whereby we love and relate to each other.

No God! The fool's creed is crude in every possible way.

No God! No use to live!

But, praise God, we know there is a loving God who cares deeply for us all. Thank You, Father!

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  1. Where have you been Pat. I've missed hearing from you. How did you find the old Daily Miscellany. Thise were the days my friend. We must communicate again. Phill Bower