Thursday, May 31, 2012

~ Some Smile ~

Some stare with a cold, stone-hard gaze; Some sneer with a haughty look. Some dreamers will gaze far away; Some souls can be read like a book.

Some faces you see twist in pain; Some droop like a wilted flower. Some eyes dart nervously about; Some eyes just fall down and cower.

Few faces show what Christ has done; Few eyes tell the love He has shown. Few glow with joy that warms the world; Few display the fruit He has sown.

Few look with tenderness and grace; Few show that they really do care. Few eyes are searching to help out; Few eyes are seeking where to share.

Some smile to chase away the thoughts; Few smile in kindness you can feel. Some faces try to fake it; Few faces show love that's real.

Wear on your face the look of Christ; Let kindness be in every line. May what you show be who you are, As you reach out and live define.

Campus Journal, June 1996

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