Saturday, July 7, 2012


VChristianity is not the religion of sorrow and gloom; it is the religion of the morning, and it carries in its heart the happiness of heaven.

VChristianity is not a restraint but an inspira­tion -- not a weight but wings; not subtraction but addition.

VChristianity brings bloom for faded hearts, rejuvenation for the prematurely old, imagi­nation for the dry, literal mind.

VChristianity is not a kill-joy at the feast of life, nor a kind of incar­nate “don’t”; it bristles with great affirmatives, fires the soul with permanent enthusiasms and durable loyalties.

VChristianity leaves a trail of light wherever it goes; it can keep you cool under any confusion, bring you up smiling from any deeps, and utterly banish your fret and worry.

VChristianity brings zest and sparkle to life; it is sunshine on the flowers, rather than moonshine on the snow; it is life more abundant; it is leaving the little narrow life behind and leaving it forever. Hugh Elmer Brown.

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