Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Precepts for us oldsters!

I well remember the first time I was asked if I wanted the senior discount! We ladies have trouble giving up our smooth skin. One of our grandsons informed me at the tender age of three, while looking intently at my aging face, “Gwammy, you need more wotion to fwatten out you winkles.” After I recovered from laughing, I headed for the mirror; yep, there were a lot of them. Out of the mouths of babes ...

Dr. Frank Crane has left wise advice for us golden agers:


1. I will not try to act nor dress nor talk so as to make people think I am younger than I am.

2. I will not pretend to be young, nor be angry when called old, nor ashamed of my age.

3. I will not complain of being old.

4. I will not continually remind people of my old age to secure their sympathy, or to hear them say I am not so old after all or do not seem so.

5. I will not form the habit of indulging in reminiscences.

6. I will be particularly careful not to repeat the same anecdote over and over.

7. I will not complain of the present and claim the past was much better.

8. If I am deaf, weak-eyed, lame, or otherwise afflicted, I will not advertise my infirmities, but avoid obtruding them upon the notice of others as much as possible.

9. I will not talk of myself, my work, my achievements, even of my mistakes, any more than necessary.

10. I will speak cheerfully or keep still.

11. I will never indulge in cynicism, never sneer at youth and will always try to appreciate what younger folks do.

12. I shall concede my life's triumph to be growing triumphantly, victoriously old.

13. In a word, I shall try to adjust myself to old age, as well as to all other facts of life.

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