Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two Mothers and Two Broken Hearts

"Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother ... " (John 19:25); "The mother of Sisera watched through the window for his return" (Judges 5:28 TLB).
Jesus and Sisera -- and two mothers whose hearts are broken ... ! These two mothers didn't know each other but their hearts were equally shattered because these were beloved sons in trouble. Mary's Son was mocked, spat upon and crucified. Sisera's mother didn't even know where her son was; she sat there by the window expecting him home at any moment, never realizing that before long her life would forever change.
Both sons were betrayed. Sisera, a Canaanite captain, was murdered by Jael who thought she was doing the Lord's work (poor God -- He gets blamed for so much!). Jesus was betrayed by a kiss, the symbol of love and loyalty, and murdered by those who, again, thought they were doing the Lord's work. And so we are left with two grieving mothers who didn't know about enemies, politics, treachery and murder. All they knew was that they had sons they loved with all their hearts.
The more I thought about the juxtaposition of these two broken hearts the more I was impressed with how finally futile schemes are. In the end, beginning and middle, life comes down to mothers and fathers and children, and love and faithfulness and hope. This is the common bond among us all: love and a Father who loves us beyond measure, even to the Cross. What a pity human nature intervened on God's perfect plan for our happiness!
Patricia Erwin Nordman

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