Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Discontented Primrose - Anonymous

There is a little fable which says that a primrose, growing by itself in a shady corner of the garden, became discontented as it saw the other flowers in their colorful beds in the sunshine, and begged to be removed to a more conspicuous place. Its prayer was granted. The gardener transplanted it to a more showy and sunny spot. It was greatly pleased, but there came a change over it immediately. Its blossoms lost much of their beauty, and became pale and sickly. The hot sun caused them to faint and wither. So it prayed again to be taken back to its old place in the shade.

The wise gardener knew best where to plant each flower. So God, the Divine Husbandman, knows where His children will best grow into what He would have them to be. Some require the fierce storms; some will only thrive spiritually in the shadow of worldly adversity; and some come to ripeness more sweetly under the soft and gentle influences of prosperity, whose beauty rough experiences would mar. Humbolt, the great naturalist and traveler, said that the most wonderful sight he had ever seen was a primrose flourishing on the bosom of a glacier.

The brightest souls which glory ever knew
Were rocked in storms and nursed when tempests blew.

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