Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lunch box searches in the pre-K class

"A turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips and apple juice sounds like a pretty good lunch for a pre-schooler. But not good enough for the food police at West Hoke Elementary School in Raeford, N.C., according to this story in the Carolina Journal. According to the story, a state agent was inspecting lunch boxes in the 'more at four' classroom, and deemed that the lunch brought by a 4-year-old girl fell short of U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines. So, the agent swapped the girl’s lunch with a school cafeteria lunch and sent the packed lunch home with the child at the end of the day. Mom asked her girl what she’d eaten for lunch instead, and the child reported that she’d enjoyed three chicken nuggets and left the rest of the school lunch untouched. Oh, and the school sent a note home telling mom she owed $1.25 for the lunch."

I thought I had read it all until this one, folks! It is time to become outraged. My first thought when reading this silliness was how the little girl would feel about her mother who didn't care enough to pack chicken nuggets for her instead of - get this again - a banana, apple juice, a turkey and cheese sandwich, and potato chips. What's not to like here? Certainly the banana and apple juice should offset the horror of the potato chips! As for the turkey and cheese sandwich, what can I say? To quote some adult in my long-ago childhood, the starving Armenians would kill to have a lunch like that. Have we lost all common sense? My readers know how I feel about lawsuits, but let's go after these bureaucrats and do a squash job. Enough is enough - let's get these state agents out of our lunch boxes and our lives!

Above all, someone tell that little girl her mother loves her!!

Read more here: http://voices.kansascity.com/entries/lunch-box-searches-pre-k-classseriously/#storylink=cpy

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