Thursday, February 2, 2012

Proverbs 3 - Matthew Henry

I would like to share this wisdom from Matthew Henry’s exegesis on Proverbs 3. This is one of the best summations I’ve read on the value of loving and obeying God. We seem literally hell-bent on kicking Him out of our lives.
This chapter is one of the most excellent in all this book [of Proverbs], both for argument to persuade us to be religious and for directions therein.
1. We must be constant to our duty because that is the way to be happy (v. 1-4).
2. We must live a life of dependence upon God because that is the way to be safe (v. 5).
3. We must keep up the fear of God because that is the way to be healthful (v. 7, 8).
4. We must serve God with our estates because that is the way to be rich (v. 9, 10).
5. We must bear afflictions well because that is the way to get good by them (v. 11, 12).
6. We must take pains to obtain wisdom because that is the way to gain her, and to gain by her (v. 13–20).
7. We must always govern ourselves by the rules of wisdom, of right reason and religion, because that is the way to be always easy (v. 21–26).
8. We must do all the good we can, and no hurt, to our neighbors, because according as men are just or unjust, charitable or uncharitable, humble or haughty, accordingly they shall receive of God (v. 27–35). From all this it appears what a tendency religion has to make men both blessed and blessings.
This was written in the early 18th century, but there are some principles which are set in God’s stone of Authority. Science and “progress” cannot obliterate what God has commanded and commended. What is so sad is that we are cutting ourselves off at the knees with our nays.

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