Friday, March 30, 2012

Dawn to Dusk


Elegant Dawn inspires the day with stroke of varied brush;
The hush of dusky hours gives way to holy blush.
She shouts in glorious tones: arise, embrace, enjoy my gift!
Promise there is of beginnings; she is God's philanthropist.
Radiance is her character; she rises in virility
And permeates God's earth with her nobility.
Unassuming, earnestly, she transfuses drowsy heart
With Spirit for another day; courage for its part.


The hush of dusky hours gives way to holy solitude;
Thoughts and acts, griefs and fears, are laid to rest in gratitude.
She binds within her shadows all our daily restlessness;
Assures us of tomorrow's promise: His and our success.
Solemn is her character, the dark demands a pensive mood;
Philosophical and thoughtful, repentive and subdued.
And then the hush of dusky hours gives way to holy blush;
The new tomorrow becomes today, God's brand new holy brush!

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