Friday, March 30, 2012

Passing on the Verities of Life

“Let us not forget” (Deuteronomy 4:9).

What a gift we have with a good memory! Without memory we would be unable to recall the many blessings we have received from both God and man. It also helps to keep in mind that we would lose our mind if we were not in Jesus' mind. It is this precious capability that enables us to accumulate and apply God's promises and precepts. But we must take care to stock up on memories that are excellent.

One of the best ways to remember is to pass it on to others. God’s Word advises us to pass on His truth to our children. They will then hand these verities on to the next generation. What better riches can we leave them than the good things which our eyes have seen and our ears have heard of the love of God?

One more suggestion about memories: When we die this is the greatest part of what we leave behind. Will our loved ones treasure our memory? “Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his faithful ones” (Psalm 116:15). To paraphrase, precious in the lives of our loved ones is our life while we are still alive. Will our death leave loving memories, or will our death bring a tremendous relief? It’s something to think about when we want to report a delicious story or retort to a retort!

“How good a gift is memory! Of all the gracious benefits conferred on mortal men by God there is none more useful, none more precious. By memory we are enabled to lay by a store of precious thoughts and gracious reminiscences against the days to come. By memory we can stud our minds with promises and precepts from the Word of God, as the midnight heavens are studded with the twinkling of stars” (Anonymous).

Gracious Father, thank you from a full heart for memories of your love; help us to pass on these memories when we pass on!

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