Friday, March 9, 2012

Seized with Astonishment

"At this they were seized with astonishment. Full of awe, they gave praise to God, saying, `We have seen incredible things today!'" (Luke 5:26).

What awesome things we have not seen and heard because we take so much for granted. When one of our sons called us long-distance and told us he had been in an accident, it was at that moment I realized how very much I cherish him. But why does it take such gut-tearing news for us to realize this? Can't we praise our God and treasure our loved ones now, at this very moment? Why did I have to hear this terrible news before I thanked God for the miracle of this child?

We need to remember that miracles are always here! We see and hear stirring things every day. Nature is filled with visual and auditory delights, and our homes are havens of delight and security. We hear sobs, too, for these also are the compensations of life, strange as that sounds. 

In this verse these people saw Jesus tell a lame man to get up and go on with life, and they were amazed. Is it any less amazing that He tells us to get up and go about our daily duties--and while doing so, to see and hear His daily miracles?

Thank You, Jesus, for the many small and big miracles in our lives!

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