Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, my dear Ria!

My beloved daughter Ria:

I want to thank you publicly for being the dearest treasure in my life! When I tell people that you are my best friend, they are incredulous. How often does that happen, that your son marries the lady who will become the angel in his mom's life! And I thank God every morning that you and our dear Mike invited me into your home and your life when Pappy died.  

Thank you, too, for being an example to the rest of us - an example in love, courage, patience, tolerance - all the virtues that make life a joy for those of us blessed to be in your circle. You and Mike have such a marvelous marriage - what a gift to all the family! And you and Mike have given us the greatest joys in your children who will make this world a better place because they have been loved and nurtured by the best parents in the world. Thank you, my beloved Ria! When you were 20 years old and were given two weeks to live, I watched Mike as he put his life on hold to be with you. I don't know if I ever told you and Mike how impressed I was with his devotion and your courage through that horrendous time. I doubt I knew what love really was until I watched the two of you as you crawled through that valley and came through victorious and so beautiful!

You are just as beautiful today as you were 25 years ago, dear Ria! Your soul shines through!

With great love to you and Mike,

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