Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monkey Business - a great story!

In North Africa there is a very easy way to capture monkeys. A gourd, which a hole just sufficiently large so that a monkey can thrust his hand into it, is filled with nuts and fastened firmly to a branch of a tree at sunset. During the night a monkey will discover the scent of food, and its source, and will put his hand into the gourd and grasp a handful of nuts. But the hole is too small for the monkey to withdraw his clenched fist, and he has not sense enough to let go of his bounty so that he may escape. Thus he pulls and pulls without success, and when morning comes he is quickly and easily taken.

We must make sure that we, like the monkey, are not holding on too tight to the things of this world. They are the most foolish of all men who purchase the pleasures of this life with the loss of everlasting bliss.


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