Sunday, June 23, 2013

THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN, by Reverend M. Lowry

I read this many years ago; it made sense to me then, and it still does. Forgive me, ladies, but I'm from the very old school that believes men and women are indeed very different, and we bring these different ways of thinking and doing to whatever our mission is in life. God arranged this! Personally, I'm happy to be a female and to have had the privilege of giving birth to five sons. I have watched with sadness as the roles of wife and mother have been denigrated to that of slavery. Yes, there were difficult days, I'm not going to lie about it, but the rewards have been huge! I truly believe we need an AA (Attitude Adjustment) on marriage and our roles as wives and mothers. Until I read this wonderful poem I had never seen these as rights, only duties. When I began to view our contributions as rights, life became much better!

The Rights of Women

The rights of women! What are they? The right to labor, love and pray;
The right to weep with those who weep, the right to wake when others sleep.
The right to dry the falling tear, the right to quell the rising fear,
The right to smooth the brow of care, and whisper comfort in despair.

The right to watch the parting breath, to sooth and cheer the bed of death;
The right when earthly hopes all fail, to point to that within the vail.
The right the wandered to reclaim, and win the lost from paths of shame;
The right to comfort and to bless the widows and the fatherless.  

The right the intellect to train and guide the soul to noble aim,
Teach it to rise above earth's toys, and wing its flight for heavenly joys.
The right to live for those we love, the right to die that love to prove;
The right to brighten earthly homes with pleasant smiles and gentle tones.

Are these thy rights? Then use them well, thy silent influence none can tell;
If these are thine, why ask for more? Thou hast enough to answer for.
Are these thy rights? Then, murmur not that woman's mission is thy lot!

Rev. M. Lowry

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