Thursday, January 5, 2012

Appointed or Disappointed?

"I plead with live a life worthy of the calling you have received" (Ephesians 4:1).

We have received a calling as surely as James and John: "[Jesus] called them, and immediately they abandoned boat and father to follow him" (Matthew 4:21,22). God has indeed appointed a time and a place for us, even though we don't feel like it at times.

Mike left college to help take care of his fiancĂ© who had cancer; Joe left his wife to take care of his girl friend. It's obvious who had the call here. Mike's was appointed; Joe's wife was disappointed. Mike was worthy of the call; Joe was unworthy. Mike nurtured his beloved fiancĂ© to health and they are now married and very happy. Joe is divorced and miserable. What a pity Joe couldn’t see past his immediate wants.

Our divine call is to consecration, to decision, to leadership, to love, to repentance, to the good Word and work, to worship, and finally to the gift of resurrection. We do not have to be distinguished or sophisticated; indeed, Christ's first disciples had a notable lack of both these worldly qualities.

God gives us high ideals that we may reach out instead of in; up instead of down. We are to have the character of Christ that we may live a life worthy of the blessed calling. He has made it possible for us, for with Him nothing is impossible.

One of my favorite authors is Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Following is his Mission of the Saints: “Each of God’s saints is sent into the world to prove some part of the Divine character. Perhaps I may be one of those who shall live in the valley of ease, having much rest, and hearing sweet birds of promise singing in my ears. The air is calm and balmy, the sheep are feeding round about me, and all is still and quiet. Well, then I shall prove the love of God in sweet communings. Or perhaps I may be called to stand where the thunder clouds brew, where the lightnings play, and tempestuous winds are howling on the mountain tops. Well, then I am born to prove the power and majesty of our God: amid dangers He will inspire me with courage: amid toils He will make me strong. Perhaps it shall be mine to preserve an unblemished character, and so prove the power of sanctifying grace, in not being allowed to backslide from my professed dedication to God. I shall then be a proof of the omnipotent power of grace, which alone can save from the power, as well as from the guilt of sin” (C. H. Spurgeon).

Beautiful! Wherever we are, in rain or sunshine, we fulfill our mission, if we follow God’s will.

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