Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cartloads of Graces

" ... When he saw the carts Joseph had sent to carry him back, the spirit of their father Jacob revived" (Genesis 45:27b).

What a thrill Jacob must have experienced when his sons told him that his beloved Joseph was alive and when he saw the wagon that was to take him to this long-lost and cherished son! Kindness such as Joseph's becomes the very food and medicine to initiate strength and action.

"When he saw the carts," his faith was renewed and his heart recovered. Even his old character is revived: "And Israel said, `I am convinced!'" (v.28). When his son had died, so he thought, Israel died as well. Now the anguish of those years since Joseph's disappearance and its purpose is to be made clear. God's objective is accomplished, and it is merciful.

How many of us are discouraged and waiting for our wagon-load of graces? One of the greatest lessons in the story of Joseph out of a multitude of illustrations is his perseverance in his own sorrows, and his graciousness to others in the midst of his own cart-load of cares. If we are troubled, it might help us to send another a cart--a card, a word of love, a hand that lifts--for their cares.

Yet another joy here is knowing that God does not leave us in our burning desert alone without provision and protection. We would starve to death if it were not for God's graces: His wagon-loads of promises to transport us beyond our meager selves to His land of the best. Faith in the probability gives us the ability to go on. Sense sees the reality of the vehicle of faith, and the faith propels us forward to grasp the cart-load of mercies that our Father so willingly tenders to us.

Ah! we thank You, Father, with full hearts!

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