Thursday, January 5, 2012

Roger Babson and His Principles

A number of years ago I began indexing for an organization, and I decided to save some of the more inspirational of the entries. This one is from the July, 1934, issue of this particular publication. Again, I am amazed at the applicability of its principles in whatever age we live. Mr. Babson (1875-1967) was an American statistician who founded two educational institutions, Babson Institute (1919), located near Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, and Webber College (1927), in Babson Park, Florida, which was a special training school for women interested in business careers. This should exclude him as a crackpot on crack and pot! Given today’s climate of soiling the reputation of anyone who lived/lives by Christian principles, I feel the need to emphasize this. Of course Mr. Babson wouldn’t get away with this today:


Roger Babson, the highest authority on finance in America, has stated the following principles that should guide us in practical affairs:

1. The Spirit of Jesus is the spirit of honesty, courage and service.

2. This is the spirit that should be applied in that world of affairs we call business.

3. This is to be done so that money gained should add to the wealth of the country, which could never be by gambling stock manipulation, or any unfair or dishonest method.

4. The Spirit of Jesus will demand that our dealing with our fellow men will make for their comfort and happiness.

5. The productivity of man depends more upon the spiritual life than upon physical or mental strength.

6. This spirit alone will solve perplexing problems. Only more religion in the hearts of employers and employees will close the chasm between capital and labor. Both parties need to go the “second mile” as Jesus taught. Matthew 5:41. -- Selected.

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