Saturday, April 21, 2012

“Mommy, I’m sad and I need your help.”

My best friend just shared something with me that I want to share with my readers. This lady is my role model in so many ways. She has four children who are epitomes of kindness (three of these children are in their teens). She and her husband are the best parents I know. In fact, they are the best people I know!

They were blessed with a late gift, a little fellow who is now three years old. Apparently today is one of those daze – up too early and not too happy with life, parents, siblings, Grammy, nothing! Mommy had put curtains up in his room and he awoke to a change he wasn’t happy about, and that may have started it. Finally he wasn’t even happy with himself, hence his plea to his mommy, with tears streaming down his face, “Mommy, I’m sad and I need your help.” Wow!

Imagine the maturity of this precious little guy admitting that he was sad, and admitting that he needed help! How many of our grown-up men admit this! What this tells me is 1) this little boy loves his mommy very much; 2) this little boy trusts his mommy with his heart.

Think about it – how many people would you say this to in your life? It would have to be a very best friend!

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