Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yeah, she hasn't worked a day in her life!

I never intended to get involved in politics with this blog, but this is so over the top of common sense and decency, I've decided to jump in with my five cents' worth (inflation!). It seems that some minor official (now what is her name?) decided to jump in and help her boss by declaring that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life. Excuse me? Do we redefine the word "work" here? Did you see that photo of Ann Romney with her very handsome husband and five gorgeous sons? Did you notice how beautiful Ann is? Well, why not; after all, she was laying around eating her bonbons while someone else raised her boys - NOT. I'm sure that's why this family is so outstanding, because Mom opted to care for those she loved. 

Come on, people! I don't know about the rest of you, but I am so tired of all this hatefulness. When Mrs. Romney made her very wise decision to stay home and raise her sons (wow, the feminists must be having hissy fits!), she had no idea it would wind up being used against her husband. Funny thing, though, such hate carries with it a special kind of karma. For those who weren't quite sure, this just may help them to make up their minds!

As for my personal credentials to even discuss this? Well, I raised five sons, and it was no picnic. For some reason I just can't fathom a man doing the WORK that a woman does when raising five sons!

I'm closing with this wonderful poem about those who cavil and criticize:

A little seed lay on the ground
And soon began to sprout;
"Now, which of all the flowers around,"
It mused, "shall I come out?
The lily's face is fair and proud,
But just a trifle cold;
The rose, I think is rather loud,
And then, its fashion's old.
The violet is all very well,
But not a flower I'd choose;
Nor yet the Canterbury bell --
I never cared for blues."
And so it criticized each flower,
This supercilious seed,
Until it woke one summer morn,
And found itself -- a weed.

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