Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Rights of Women

"A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised" (Proverbs 31:30); "The wise woman builds her house..." (Proverbs 14:1).

Many years ago I read a poem that so touched my soul. Yes, I am hopelessly old-fashioned, and I believe that men and women have lost sight of their individual missions in life. We are so busy trying to become what the other is that we have lost the insight to enjoy what we were meant to be. I have never understood "liberation". Personally I enjoyed being a wife and mother. We had five sons and I knew that we were raising the next generation to be noble men -- at least that was our goal. It never was about accumulating, it was about acclimating -- asking these dear young men to be their best wherever and whenever and whatever....

When their oldest brother committed suicide (he was 19 and in his third year of college) I sat our sons on Chuck's bed and shared with them one verse from the Bible: "You have come to the kingdom for such a time as this" (Esther 4:14). It was so important for them to know they were not mistakes; God has a mission for them, and He and their parents love them. That was many years ago, and these precious young men became what God wanted them to be, beautiful and noble men who chose professions that give back to the world. Thank you, my so-dear sons -- and thank you for marrying beautiful and noble women!

The rights of women! What are they? The right to labor, love and pray;
The right to weep with those who weep, the right to wake when others sleep.
The right to dry the falling tear, the right to quell the rising fear,
The right to smooth the brow of care, and whisper comfort in despair.
The right to watch the parting breath, to soothe and cheer the bed of death;
The right when earthly hopes all fail, to point to that within the vail.
The right the wandered to reclaim, and win the lost from paths of shame;
The right to comfort and to bless the widows and the fatherless.
The right the intellect to train and guide the soul to noble aim.
Teach it to rise above earth's toys, and wing its flight for heavenly joys.
The right to live for those we love, the right to die that love to prove;
The right to brighten earthly homes with pleasant smiles and gentle tones.
And these thy rights? Then use them well, thy silent influence none can tell;
If these are thine, why ask for more? Thou hast enough to answer for.
Are these thy rights? Then, murmur not that woman's mission is thy lot!

Reverend M. Lowry.

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