Monday, April 9, 2012

The Prayer Tryst - Katie Ross

I will meet you at the Throne of grace,
Where Jesus answers prayer;
After six o'clock each morning
You will know I'm waiting there.
Though the ocean roll between us
And on earth we may not meet,
We have fellowship together
At the blessed Mercy seat.

I will meet you in the morning
With the multitude who pray,
That a world-wide real revival
May be witnessed in our day.
Faithful is the Promise-giver,
He alone our only plea,
"Thou shalt see my power and glory
If thou wilt believe on me."

In the shadowless communion
Of the Father and the Son,
While the gracious Holy Spirit
Pleads within each chosen one,
Jesus gathers our petitions
Catching every prayer-link,
And in season due will give us
More than we can ask to think.

Katie Ross

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