Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trumpet Blasts of Life

“Moab will go down ... amid war cries and the blast of the trumpet” (Amos 2:2).

Our youngest son and his fiance were only 20 and life was beautiful for them. Then one day Ria's trumpet blasted: she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The doctors found a ten-pound tumor in her chest, wrapping around her heart.

Ria went the full route of chemotherapy and radiation, while the rest of us prayed and pretended that all was and would be well. During this radical time for them, Ria and Mike became our lessons in devotion and perseverance. I'll never forget the night Mike said to me, "Mom, even if I didn't love Ria so much, I would never leave her now." I still weep when I think of his love and devotion at a time when he could have walked out!

A year later they married in a touching ceremony. We have a photo of Mike at the very moment he saw his bride-to-be as she started down the isle, and his expression is one of such awe and gratitude. Only God can know the thoughts in both their hearts at that instant.

Ria is well now. These two precious souls survived the trumpet blast and went through for their miracle. And now there are four little miracles!

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for helping our loved ones and us through the blasts of life!

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